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Atheism for Grown-ups.

by on Sep.12, 2010, under politics

I have discovered to my dismay that the intellectual level of discussions regarding atheism I have found on-line are abysmally juvenile(Facebook people, that means You!).   One would have thought that at least a clearer understanding of the concept would be in evidence.

The following is a partial list of what atheism is Not:

1.   It is not a substitute belief system.

2.   It is not a subject that is rationally debatable with vituperative exchanges of scripture.

3.   It is not a religion.

4.   It is not permission for ethical irresponsibility.

5.   It isn’t something you have to think about in secret because you have that sneaky suspicion that “god might be listening”.

6.   It doesn’t require a question mark.

7.   It doesn’t require faith.

8.   It isn’t a story “about” anything.

9.   It isn’t something you turn to because you screwed up your life.

10.  It is not a fetish(look up the original meaning of the word).

11.   It is not a topic amenable to philosophical dialectic, which requires both subject and object.

12.   It is not a commodity.

13.   It is not a seminar subject in comparative religion 101.

14.   It is not something you put on like a new pair of sneakers.

15.   It is not intrinsically ideological.

16.   It is not an absolute. (the philosophy majors can chew on that one for a while)

17.   It is not agnosticism.*

18.   It is not an act of renunciation.

Recognizing the damage Religion has done to civilization, and the appalling wreckage it still leaves in it’s wake ,  makes  the struggle against it  an utterly necessary one.   Which  is,  like it or not,  a political confrontation,  not simply a matter  of  faith versus faith.

It’s time for humanity to grow up.

Atheism does not require defense.  It is self defeating to engage in debate if your starting  point  seems  somehow only  a  hypothetical possibility.  Atheism is no more than the absence of irrational belief.

It needs to be taken for granted that the existence of a god is neither necessary or desirable.

All else is folly.


*Secular Humanists?

by Perry on Jun.28, 2010, under religion must die

A bunch of pussies. Reservations are for dinner, not the philosophical foundations of one’s life. A respect for those of faith? Why should anybody have respect for institutionalized stupidity? My imaginary friend disappeared when I was about three or four. How about your’s?

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